2024 Invitational Season

Greetings, all ye of the Realm!

We're thrilled to announce the much-anticipated Realm 2024 Invitational Season, an epic year-long journey filled with battles, victories, and a chance to etch your name among the Champions of Realm history. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, this is your opportunity to prove your mettle and earn a coveted spot in the prestigious $50,000 Invitational.

How to qualify for the $50k in Realm's 2024 Invitational Season

Four Paths to Glory

  1. VIP Invites: Seize the chance to earn a VIP Invite at exclusive special events held throughout the season. These golden tickets grant direct entry into the $50K Invitational. These VIP do not expire at the end of the season like a Regular Invite does.

  2. Regular '24 Invites (Self-Earned): Prove your prowess by earning a '24 Invite during the current season (1/1/24 - 10/29/24). Participate in Realm Brawls, Battle Hardened or PTI events hosted by the Realm, Realm Side events, and exclusive Realm Invitational Qualifiers (RIQ's) held at your Local Game Store.

  3. Regular '24 Invites (Gifted): Share in the glory by gifting an earned '24 Invite to a fellow player. Sharable invites are a testament to camaraderie and skill within the Realm community.

  4. Realm XP: Accumulate Realm XP through your participation in various events throughout the season. Every victory and strategic move brings you closer to securing your spot in the Invitational by being in the top 72 (or tied for 72nd) ranked players at the end of the season. 

More about Invites:

  • VIP Invites: An unused VIP Invite never expires at the end of a Realm Season and is redeemable across seasons, but they still count as one of your 3 banked invites. These exclusive VIP Invites are given sparingly throughout the season. 

  • Regular Invites: unused Invites are only redeemable and transferable in the season they are won. So, use 'em or lose 'em. 

  • Banking Invites: Each player may only hold onto 3 invites (in combination of VIP and Regular). If a player has 3 Invites already and earns a VIP Invite, a regular invite will be removed to make room for the VIP Invite. 

Earning Realm XP

  • Winning an Invite: If you win an Invite (any type) at an event, all of your participation XP for that specific event becomes zero. You may still qualify through Realm XP at the end of a season if you gain enough XP from other events, but the idea of Realm XP is to reward those who played well, but did not earn an invite at any given event.

  • Event Participation: Receive 5 points just for registering for any event throughout the season.

  • Victories: Rack up 5 points per win at Realm events or LGS RIQ's, showcasing your dominance on the battlefield.

  • Event Multipliers: Some events or rankings offer multipliers, enhancing your total points and giving you an extra edge in the competition.

Important Dates

The Realms 2024 Invitational Season will begin on January 1, 2024 and conclude on October 29, 2024. All events scheduled after this date will contribute towards the 2025 Season. Check back here in early '24 to hear about our plans for our $10K Brawl events happening throughout the year!

We will announce the full schedule as soon as we can, but plan on the Rumble happening late in the 4th Quarter like it did in 2023.

Join the Battle, Claim Your Place!

Prepare your decks, sharpen your strategies, and embark on a journey where only the strongest will prevail. The Realms 2024 Invitational Season awaits, and your destiny lies on the battlefield.

Stay tuned for event announcements, updates, and the unfolding saga of the Realms 2024 Invitational Season.

See you on the battlefield!